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Conditions of use and purchase


Before buying any product from www.deflex.com.ar, read carefully and make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of sale as with any purchase you are signing a legally binding contract.

If you are unsure about any aspect of these Terms and Conditions, please contact us before making a purchase so we can clarify your inquiry.


1.1. The owner of the website www.deflex.com.ar is the company NUXEN SRL, (hereinafter DEFLEX), with registered office in Ayacucho 1053; 3rd. floor; Office A, C.A.B.A. (1111) Buenos Aires, Argentina, with C.U.I.T. No. 30-70930103-5 // Gross Income No. 1161845-11.

1.2. For any effective communication with the owner of the website can be directed to the email address administracion@deflex.com.ar


2.1. The use of the Website www.deflex.com.ar, (hereinafter, the Website) attributes the user status of the Website (hereinafter, the "User" or "Customer") and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by the owner at the moment when the User accesses the Website. Consequently, the User must carefully read this legal notice at each of the occasions on which he intends to use the Website, as it may be modified.

2.2. DEFLEX reserves the right to modify the conditions of use of the Website, therefore it is the obligation of the user to periodically review these conditions.

2.3. The present general conditions of use do not exclude the possibility that certain services of the Website, due to their particular characteristics, are also subject to particular conditions of use, which, in any case, may be consulted by the user before its activation.

2.4. The present conditions of use and contracting are directed to both legal entities and professionals individuals in the dental sector.

2.5. If the USER has any reason to complain about anything that has happened as a result of their transactions with DEFLEX, the User must notify us by contacting our customer service, preferably by email to info@deflex.com.ar

2.6. DEFLEX will take care of the complaint as soon as possible and will manage it in order to offer the USER a solution.


3.1. The website aims to put on sale to dental professionals and dental distributors the products that the company sells, mainly injectable materials for the development of dental prosthesis bases, and injection equipment or injectors intended for this purpose.


4.1. Purchase formalization

- These general contracting conditions will apply to purchases made between USERS (professionals and companies in the dental sector) and DEFLEX that sells their products through the website.

- DEFLEX will confirm the availability and purchase of the product to the USER through the email provided by the USER within a period not exceeding forty-eight hours. This shipping confirmation email is equivalent to an acceptance by DEFLEX of your DEFLEX property purchase offer.

- If an error is discovered in the price of the goods you have requested, we will inform you as soon as possible to proceed to re-quote the order correctly, waiting for the acceptance of the new budget. In case of non-acceptance, the order will be canceled and, if necessary, withdrawn if it has already been sent.

- You should check, as soon as possible, that the confirmation email details are correct and you should print and keep a copy for your records.

- You must have a unique email address to use on our site. You agree that e-mail may be used as a means of remote communication, and you agree that all notices made through e-mail comply with the legal requirements of any written notice.

- Promotional offers on some of our products or product ranges may be published on the website. All promotions and offers are, unless specified, strictly limited to one order or order per company and are subject to availability of reservations.

4.2. Price.

- All product prices will be indicated in Argentine Pesos ($) or US Dollars (USD), indicating the applicable taxes in each case.

- The prices are subject to any change in the rate or the applicability of VAT, which will always be disseminated on the web when you make the desired purchase.

- The prices of the products do not include delivery costs, unless otherwise stated.

- The prices indicated on the website are correct only at the time of order and only if they refer to purchases online. All product orders are subject to availability and we reserve the right to deny and supply to any particular individual or legal entity.

4.3. Payments

- The CLIENT must make the payment in full to DEFLEX before the merchandise is issued.

- The USER will be able to make the payment of the purchases made through the means that DEFLEX makes available to him in its WEB SITE as indicated in the section of the purchase process. In any case there will be systems that guarantee the security of the payment.

- DEFLEX reserves the right to use electronic payment methods from third parties and / or financial institutions to manage payments made by USERS through the WEBSITE in collaboration with payment providers.

- DEFLEX does not have access to the banking data linked to the means of payment of the USERS and does not know or register this data during the payment transaction, except for the bank account of the USER in case the means of payment that is selected is the bank transfer.

- To ensure that your credit or debit card is not being used without your consent, we may validate the name, address and other personal information provided by you during the ordering process from the relevant third party databases, including Credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies, which may keep a record of such information.

- DEFLEX is not responsible for commissions or expenses (such as overdraft services, financing fees or similar) incurred by the CLIENT as a result of the ordering of the products.

4.4. Delivery time and shipping and delivery costs.

- Local orders in Argentina are shipped within one week and delivery takes place in 2-3 business days. International orders will be shipped within a period of up to one month, delivery will depend on the customs controls of each country to which it is exported.

- Any expected date of delivery can not be guaranteed since all deliveries are made through third parties, and the goods can arrive earlier or later than the specified date based on their order of confirmation and delivery order of the emails.

- Any extra-ordinary delivery options, ie Saturdays, express delivery service, etc., must be indicated by the customer if it is available, and must be paid in full in accordance with the cost referred for such non ordinary service. You should check the price shown on the web at the time of ordering during the payment process for each charge fee for delivery.

- Any request for the estimated delivery time is at the discretion of the courier. Whenever possible, we will notify you at the approximate time of delivery date. Exceptions may apply.

- The point of delivery of the products / merchandise purchased by the CLIENT shall be governed and limited according to the guidelines of the third courier or transport companies designated by mutual agreement and / or acceptance between Deflex and the CLIENT. It will be subject to the guidelines of the designated messenger company if the delivery will be made in the portal of the establishment of destination, or in which cases it will be possible to proceed to move the merchandise inside that establishment.

- Since deliveries can be carried out with a large truck, the buyer USER must confirm that the delivery address will be accessible by road, exonerating in his case responsibility to DEFLEX. If there is no access, for example, the route or road is subject to a specific weight of the vehicle or limitations of amplitude, please inform us at the time of order so that the necessary steps can be taken.

- In the event that a messenger arrives at your address and can not make delivery on the agreed date and the agreed schedules, either because there is no one to pick it, or you refuse to sign or delivery is denied for any other reason Other than the damage, the USER acquiring will be responsible and will assume the cost of the failed delivery and any subsequent charge of re-delivery.

- If the purchaser has not made any attempt to contact DEFLEX within two business days after delivery has been denied (for any reason other than the damage must be recorded in the documentation messaging at the time of the Delivery), the goods will be automatically returned to DEFLEX and the USER will be responsible for all delivery costs incurred.

- If we have tried to make deliveries on three or more occasions, each time the cost will run to your account and you will be charged for both the standard delivery dates and the delivery dates presented on the website. In addition, you will be charged the shipping costs incurred for the product (whether or not it is free at the time of purchase) and your order will be automatically returned to us at your cost and without notification. The costs will be done without notification from your original payment method. These are taken with respect to all costs incurred by us through 3rd party mails, suppliers and other agents employed with the fulfillment of your order on our behalf.

- Deliveries can not be disregarded and we will not be able to leave your goods in another place other than the address indicated in the delivery documentation.

- Everything is always done so that the goods are delivered in perfect condition. Please check your goods immediately at the time of delivery.

If the delivery is performed by Deflex staff, no claim may be made with respect to damaged items after our courier has left the address, if it has not been signed as damaged material at the time of delivery. Claims must be made within three days of receipt of goods. Only claims for damages will be accepted if the courier note has been signed as the goods have been received damaged.

The company is not responsible for products damaged during transportation by third parties.

4.5. Cancellation and returns rights

- Orders can be canceled free of charge only if payment has not been made. In case the CUSTOMER has already made the payment, but the merchandise has not been dispatched, it will be possible to proceed to the change of some items by others, for the same total amount of the original order. In cases where the merchandise has already been dispatched, it will not be possible to request the return of the merchandise or its reimbursement.

- In exceptional cases of returning the product, it should be performed in their original packaging and in perfect condition, ie not damaged or dirtied by the customer and will be sent to the location indicated by DEFLEX in the instructions sent to the CUSTOMER. Also, the packaging must be identified in a complete and integrated way in order to know whom the sender is. In case of not sending in the conditions described in these terms, the good will suffer a depreciation that in any case must be paid by the CUSTOMER.

4.6. Guarantees, Sample service.

- In the unlikely event that you receive goods that do not correspond to the ones you ordered or are damaged or defective, or are of a different quantity than the one indicated in the order form, we will rectify that complete delivery, replace or repair any type of damaged or defective goods or wrongly sent, provided that the missing items or damage have been recorded in the courier documentation at the time of delivery, or subsequent to the same in the case of products with their primary packaging defective or with Internal malfunction, provided that the CLIENT demonstrates and / or documents correctly said damage or malfunction, with backing of photos or videos, and indicating lot number of the product in question.

The derived shipping costs will be borne by DEFLEX only if they are goods that do not correspond to the order made by the CLIENT, incomplete orders, or products that prove defective of origin.

Goods that have been damaged or defective due to causes attributable to transportation (for example, merchandise that has received visible blows or dents, merchandise that has been damaged due to being exposed to rain or water, and others) will not be replaced by DEFLEX, and it shall be the responsibility of the CLIENT to register and claim the contracted TRANSPORT company, whether contracted by DEFLEX or by the CLIENT, to proceed with the claim of the associated transportation insurance.

- If you have any questions regarding delivery, please contact our customer service department immediately. The damaged goods attributable to the transport must be signed as damaged in the delivery note / transport.

- It is extremely important that you review and sign the delivery of the material when it arrives. We can not be responsible for any loss incurred as a result of damaged or missing goods after delivery signature and we highly recommend that you maintain special care to inspect the merchandise, regardless of the opinion of the courier driver or any other party.

Manufacturing defects

- All our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, however, there may have been an error in some strange cases. In this case, we will deal with the matter as soon as possible and in accordance with your legal rights and, to the extent permitted by law.

- In order to evaluate a claim for manufacturing defects, you will be required to submit photographs of the products in question. If you cannot or will not send a test of the product, DEFFLEX will not be able to process your request to a greater extent.

- IMAGES AND ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE WEBSITE: The greatest possible care is taken to ensure that the images and colors displayed on the web are as close as possible to the products that are supplied. The color of the products and their packaging may vary from what is shown on the website due to the limitations of the navigation software and monitors. Primary and secondary packaging of the products may also vary for reasons related to availability at source, or for internal production reasons.


5.1 DEFLEX is the owner of intellectual and industrial property rights and has obtained the corresponding authorizations or licenses for its exploitation, on the domain name, trademarks and distinctive signs and any content published on the website.

5.2. This document does not grant any intellectual or industrial property rights over the website or any of its components, and the user is expressly prohibited from reproducing, transforming, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, extracting, reusing, forwarding Or use of any nature, by any means or procedure, of any of them, except in cases where it is legally permitted or authorized by the holder of the corresponding rights. It is communicated to the CLIENTS, distributors or professionals of the dental sector, that in case of wanting to use the images or any element of intellectual or industrial property of DEFLEX request the corresponding authorization by written way to the emails of customer service.

The User must at all times respect all intellectual and industrial property rights over the contents of the website. Unauthorized use of content on the website may result in violation of intellectual property or other applicable laws.

5.3. The contents of this website, including designs, works, text, images and source code (collectively referred to as the "Content"), are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

5.4. In no way may the content be used, reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form without the prior, written and explicit permission of the owner.

5.5. DEFLEX is a registered trademark of Nuxen SRL.


6.1. All users are committed to comply with the privacy policy of the website in accordance with the provisions of the following section:

6.2. Also, this website uses own and third-party cookies:


7.1. The hyperlinks contained in the DEFLEX WEBSITE may be directed to third party websites. DEFLEX incorporates them to facilitate the navigation of the USER, in no case assumes responsibility for the content, information or services that may appear on such sites, which will be exclusively informative and in no case imply any relationship.

7.2. DEFLEX develops the maximum diligence in the implementation of security measures, however does not assume any responsibility in relation to the custody and good use of the passwords to accede to the WEBSITE, that will be the exclusive responsibility of the USER.

7.3. While we strive to ensure that the information on this website is correct, we do not guarantee integrity and accuracy; Nor are we committed to ensuring that the website remains available or that the material is kept up to date.

7.4. External forces

DEFLEX reserves the right to postpone the delivery date or to cancel the contract or to reduce the volume of goods requested by the buyer (without liability to the buyer) due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, Acts of God, government actions, national wars or emergencies, vandalism, civil commotion, fires, explosions, floods, snowfall, epidemics, lockouts, strikes or other labor disputes, restrictions or delays affecting companies or disability or delay In obtaining suitable or appropriate materials.


In terms of this agreement, as well as in the interpretation and resolution of conflicts that may arise between the parties, the Argentine legislation and the Courts and Tribunals that correspond according to the provisions of Argentine law will apply.