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Deflex prosthesis
Smile, you're using Deflex!


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  • 7 injectable polymers in cartridges
  • Flexible partial dentures and full dentures
  • Injection machine


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  • 4 injectable materials in bulk
  • Aesthetical, lightweight, resistant
  • Metal free


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  • Blocks and discs for milling systems
  • 4 types of Zirconia, PMMA, PEEK and wax.
  • High precision and compatibility

About us

NUXEN SRL was established in Argentina in 2000 with the purpose of offering a complete set of injected removable dentures under the Deflex trademark.

We are a manufacturing and wholesale company that has an extensive international distributor network.

Nowadays, Deflex has two main product lines: the injectable line —with 7 materials and an injection machine— and the materials line, CAD/CAM.